Karabina joins forces with Unisource CC

May 2012

Karabina Software, the specialist business software distribution unit of the iSPartners Group, welcomes UniSource CC as its latest Business Analytics Certified Partner. UniSource is a Prestige Platinum Partner for Pastel Evolution and has been ranked among the top Pastel Evolution Business partners for the past number of years. Founded in 1988 with a vision of sharing its business consulting expertise and knowledge of Enterprise Solutions, UniSource has remained true to its focus, achieving extensive recognition and awards for their smart IT solutions. This was made possible by procuring and designing just the right solution and going beyond the products to add value to business.

“Business Analytics for Pastel Evolution provides a natural fit for our business and our focus on smart IT solutions”, says Paul Gama, Director of UniSource CC. “The ability inherent in the product to rapidly deploy and render immediate business value was the clincher for me while simultaneously cementing a strategic foothold for UniSource within my clients’ businesses.”

“It’s always a pleasure to welcome a new partner to the business. The synergies are amazing and the prebuilt business intelligence within our product fits well with the UniSource Smart IT philosophy”, said Heath Turner, Director of Karabina Software. “We are confident that our combined expertise and products will open new doors for our partners to better serve their industry, clients and even to further grow their own business.”