Karabina welcomes Trew Solutions

May 2012

Karabina Software, a division of the iSPartners Group, welcomed Trew Solutions as its latest Business Analytics Certified Partner. Trew Solutions is a Super Platinum Partner of the Pastel Evolution product and has been ranked among the top 5 Pastel Evolution Business partners since 2005. The company services customers with business management systems throughout Southern Africa, the UK and New Zealand.

“We identified the partnership with Karabina as an ideal fit to future-proof our business. Our relationship with Karabina now allows us to offer our clients a true Enterprise strength Business Intelligence solution that enables them to really manage their business intelligently”, said Mathew Bland, Director of Trew Solutions. “By implementing Business Analytics for Pastel Evolution, we are unlocking immense business-value from our customers’ ERP data.”

“It’s always a pleasure to welcome a new partner to the business, especially one as acclaimed as Trew Solutions”, said Heath Turner, Director of Karabina Software. “We are confident that our combined expertise and products will open new doors for our partners to better serve their industry, clients and even to further grow their own business.”