New to business? Here’s an accounting package to start you off

September 2013

Pastel My Business Online ( is one of those online applications that can radically improve your organisation’s effectiveness while adding to the enjoyment of running a business. Before we get into details, it’s worth a quick word on cloud computing.

Accounting in the cloud means that your data lives on the web and not your computer. The benefit of an online - or cloud - application is that you don’t have to be in one place and on one machine to access it. Whether you’re working on your desktop in the office, laptop at home, or iPad while on the move, your latest data is stored in one place and you always have it at your fingertips for streamlined processing with minimal risk of data errors or losses.

With little or no advanced setup, you can access customer accounts from your customer’s premises, payroll from home, and payments due from the bank, etc.

But working online is about far more than just accessibility. The cloud means that new essential data such as legislation or tax rate adjustments, for example, simply feed into the system so there’s no need to buy and manually install new programs. It also means that you never have to worry about upgrades or backups as the system will automatically be the latest available version, backed up as information is saved.

Pastel My Business Online ( takes advantage of all the power of cloud computing, enabling you to adapt to rapid advances to ensure the most efficient method of service delivery and so remain competitive.