Smes: here are the benefits of Sage One Accounting

September 2013

As the world shifts to online business applications, Sage Pastel’s Sage One Accounting ( offers so many benefits to small business owners that they just can’t afford to ignore it.

Generally, entrepreneurs are pretty fearless – they have to be. But there is one thing that scares most of them and that is the financial side of running a business. At Sage Pastel, we’ve been developing business and accounting software for small businesses for a very long time so understand this, which is why we specifically designed My Business Online to give smaller businesses all the functionality expected from a sophisticated accounting software package, but with language and navigation that is easy for non-financial people to understand and use.

The program's dashboard gives you an excellent overview of your business but it also lets you drill right down through your data, so you can examine the individual sales that make up your monthly sales figures. What’s more, it offers two logins so you can allow your accountant to log on to the system for instant access to your financial records without having to be on your premises.

There is no set-up cost or monthly contract with Sage One Accounting, just an annual subscription fee. We did it this way on purpose because many start-ups simply can’t afford the capital required for a full IT system. We firmly believe that your business stands a better chance of success if you practice good financial habits from the start. If you’re a little reluctant to try online accounting, we recommend that you run the free company demo or sign up for the free 30 day period to get a feel for it. Simply go to