My business online: simple online accounting

September 2013

Pastel My Business Online is an entry-level, web-based accounting system that offers the full suite of accounting tools including: financial management, task assignment, project tracking and accurate reporting. The program simplifies complicated technical jargon making it easy for anyone to use even without the help of an accountant.

Very often, products like accounting packages become complicated by the sheer volume of features added to them over time. For sophisticated users these features are invaluable, but for a business owner starting out with very little bookkeeping knowledge or for one who just needs a basic system, all those features get in the way and can put them off using financial management tools. These are the people that Sage Pastel specifically designed My Business Online for – check it out at

It comes with a dashboard that allows you to drill down to view things like customer sales histories and contact details and write notes while on the road, or even while with the client.

It has Automatic Bank Statement Feeds that allow you to automatically import bank statements from banks and other financial institutions into the bank or credit card accounts that you’ve set up in My Business Online, so you don’t need to manually import bank statements. Transactions can be mapped to automatically assign the correct accounts. And don’t worry; it gives clear and easy usage instructions.

My Business Online also comes with a comprehensive list of reports so that month-end management packs are quick and easy to create. They can be printed or e-mailed directly to customers or other users in the business, so you don't need to be an accountant to print financial reports.

If you’re not sure that an online accounting package is right for you, sign-up ( with no obligation for a 30-day trial and test it out.