Sage Evolution end user day for customers large and small

Business management software a must for all businesses

July 2013

Don’t let the awesome power of your enterprise resource planning software go to waste. This was the urgent message from Daryl Blundell, sales director of Sage Pastel Accounting, at the company’s first ever Sage Evolution end user day.

“When we learnt that 41% of businesses don’t use their ERP (enterprise resource planning) software to its full potential, we immediately set up a day devoted to helping our customers understand the full power that Sage Evolution puts at their disposal,” said Blundell. “With Sage Evolution our users are always on top of their business’s finance and management strategies.”

Sage Pastel has been developing cutting edge accounting and business software for over 20 years. It’s therefore no surprise that this progressive South African company continues to evolve its full-function ERP program to meet is user’s needs.

Particularly popular is the innovative Mobile App which offers users a great competitive advantage by extending business borders as it enables anywhere/anytime transactions, improving the ability and readiness of companies to do business. This sales enablement tool is suitable for every size of organisation whether it has 2 or 200 customer-facing staff, allowing them to instantly access real time customer data and inventory details on their handheld devices, create on-the-spot quotes and take instant orders.

Complementing the features and functionality of Sage Evolution is a comprehensive range of add-on modules, some developed by the company’s trusted third party developers. These enable users to customise Sage Evolution to their specific business and industry needs.

The end user day focused on the integrated and holistic view that Sage Evolution offers users as it brings all the aspects of the business’s operating environment together. One of the key messages to come out of the event was that modern-day ERP systems offer substantial strategic benefit to all businesses regardless of size.

“Entrepreneurs want to do more  than just create invoices for their enterprises. Our users want leading edge technology that supports their big business aspirations,” said Blundell who acknowledged that the days of enterprise resource planning being only for large organisations were gone. “An investment into this kind of program will support our clients’ growth aspirations but also scale with them, meaning that they won’t have to make significant IT changes a few years down the line.”

Customers at the end user day were treated to a highly entertaining presentation by South Africa’s award-winning tech-guru Simon Dingle, a technology editor at Finweek magazine and the host of (tech)5 on 5FM. As the communications consultant to the likes of Google and The Shuttleworth Foundation, Simon is always up to date on business and digital trends. He lauded Sage Pastel for remaining at the cutting edge of business technology: “Once you’ve turned the corner with digital technolgy, everything changes and for businesses, embracing technology can cause fundamental differences to strategic and operational efficiency.”