Sage Evolution Mobile: The Ultimate App

6 June 2013

Sage Evolution’s latest ground breaking app – Evolution Mobile – takes operational efficiency to new heights it harnesses the full power of advanced enterprise resource planning (ERP) and up-to-the-minute handheld technology. This is the ultimate sales enablement tool, suitable for every size of organisation whether it has 2 or 200 customer-facing staff. 

Evolution Mobile gives your team members customised dashboards to instantly access real time customer data and inventory details on their handheld devices. A quick search will give them item quantities and prices, allowing them to create on-the-spot quotes or take instant orders. Customers can accept terms by physically signing the mobile device, so deals can be negotiated and closed in one meeting.

There’s no time wasted in going from customers back to the office, or even in calling the office, so orders are delivered faster, dramatically sharpening the competitive edge.  And as the chance of errors is minimised, so costs are contained and efficiency is improved all round. It also allows sales staff to load general info about their customers while they’re on site, ensuring that the personal touch is not sacrificed to technology.

Mohammed Mosam, divisional director at Sage Pastel, said that software today had to go beyond just providing or managing information, it had to improve the ability and readiness of companies to do business. 

“Evolution Mobile is so much more than just a technical advance in ERP tools. It’s technically advanced thinking in action. Organisations that want to move beyond accounting to grow their businesses into strategic, forward-looking leaders use it to work smarter and faster. It really does give new meaning to the sales enablement process.”

Studies have shown that employees with mobile devices typically put in 20-plus additional hours per week, working when they would otherwise be kicking back. “Mobile productivity is about more than just letting employees check their work email at home, it is about helping them to work smarter, rather than longer.”
Evolution Mobile  offers both online and offline modes. This means that even when users are out of 3G range they can still work in the app and anything they do will automatically and seamlessly integrate back into Sage Evolution ERP.

Sage Evolution also offers Quote on Air when more detailed and professional quotes are required for high value product items. It combines desktop software with a cloud-based portal, allowing sales staff who are on the move to create custom quote templates that are automatically uploaded to the Quote on Air web space. All the salesperson has to do is log into the portal and use the templates to produce professional and standardised proposals and quotes which customers can accept online.

Mosam said that both these tools increased the productivity and efficiency of workers who travel more and spend more time out of the office with customers. “We understand that customers now require instant access to real-time data from anywhere at any time. This is why we constantly develop our software to cater to the changing needs of users with tools like this that extend your organisation’s borders,” he said.