Sage Pastel the first to bring online accounting to SA

September 2013

Sage Pastel’s My Business Online ( was introduced to the South African market in 2009 and has enjoyed continued success, particularly within the SME market. My Business Online ( is an entry-level, web-based accounting system that offers the full suite of accounting tools, including: financial management, task assignment, project tracking and accurate reporting. The program also simplifies complicated technical jargon making it easy for anyone to use without the help of an accountant.

“Very often, products become complicated by the sheer volume of features added to it over time. My Business Online is specifically designed for business owners starting out with very little bookkeeping knowledge or just wanting a basic system,” says Steven Cohen, Sage Pastel managing director.

A drilldown dashboard allows users to view customers’ sales histories and contact details and write notes while on the road, or in front of a client. Being online also allows an accountant to log on to the system without travelling to the customer’s premises to check accounts.

The program’s Automatic Bank Statement Feeds allows users to automatically import bank statements into My Business Online bank or credit card accounts from banks and other financial institutions; saving time from manually importing bank statements. In addition, transactions can be mapped to automatically assign the correct accounts. My Business Online also comes with a comprehensive list of reports so that month-end management packs are quick and easy to create.

 “Being in the cloud provides business owners with an affordable system that is automatically backed up and accessible from anywhere - perfect for the entrepreneur who wants to keep their finger on the pulse.”

The program comes standard with a comprehensive list of reports that can be printed or e-mailed directly to customers or other users in the business, meaning users don't need to be an accountant to print financial reports.

Sage Pastel Accounting is South Africa's leading developer of accounting, payroll and business management software for the small, medium and large enterprise market and is used by thousands of businesses around the world. My Business Online was South Africa’s first cloud based accounting program and subsequently.

“The future of doing business in the cloud is a reality and we are expanding our products to facilitate this. When we developed Pastel My Business Online, we used all our 20 years of experience to deliver a product that was user-friendly, intuitive and fun to use. We continue to ensure that all our online offerings are clean and uncluttered,” says Cohen.

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