FAQ: Piracy

I think I may have unknowingly acquired pirate Sage Pastel software. Who do I contact for help?
If you are unsure of the legal status of your Sage Pastel software, please contact us on + 27 11 304 3650. Our in-house piracy consultants will be able to confirm if your software is legal and assist you to license your software correctly if you are not correctly licensed. Sage Pastel's anti-piracy policy includes an amnesty provision for those customers who are currently running pirate copies of any Sage Pastel software products.
I suspect that someone I know is using/selling pirate Sage Pastel software. How do I report them and remain anonymous?
Sage Pastel treats all piracy reports with complete confidentiality and you can remain anonymous as we do not require any of your contacts details when completing our online Report Piracy form.
If I am using software I obtained from a friend/colleague, is this considered software piracy?
Software piracy occurs in many different ways and is not only limited to the counterfeiting of software CD's. Casual copying is one of the most common forms of software piracy and occurs when one party buys a software disk and loads the software onto their PC, they then share this software disk with one or many friends or colleagues who then load the software onto their PC. Although an act of counterfeiting has not occurred, the loading of software onto PC's outside of the scope of the license agreement, is a from of piracy. Casual copying is unlawful and legal action can be taken against you for engaging in any form of causal copying.
What are the benefits to customers of reporting and preventing software piracy?

Software piracy negatively impacts customers, resellers and software vendors. Lower vendor revenues, as a result of software piracy, limit the industry's ability to re-invest funds in research and development (R&D) and continuously maintain and improve service and support infrastructures. Ongoing investment in R&D ensures that software vendors have the ability to keep their users at the forefront of the latest technology developments.

Legal, licensed software users enjoy many benefits which are not available to pirate users. These benefits include, the peace of mind in knowing that the software will not introduce viruses to your system, destroying mission critical data; quality and reliability guarantees from the software vendor; ongoing product updates and upgrades, services and support for those customers subscribed to appropriate support agreements.