E-Business & E-Billing

The internet has fast become a necessary extension to the traditional manner in which business is conducted.

Sage Evolution’s E-Business module enables you to open an online web store quickly and easily, with seamless integration between your online store and Sage Evolution. For example, you can draw product and price information from Sage Evolution into the online store. In turn, online orders can be automatically downloaded into Sage Evolution for processing.

As mentioned with Sage Pastel E-Business being fully integrated into Sage Evolution, you can benefit from:

  • Seamlessly drawing customer, product, pricing information from Sage Evolution directly into your website thus enabling you to sell products online.
  • With full order integration, orders automatically flow back from your E-Business web store into Sage Evolution.
  • You can even sell your products while Sage Evolution is offline.

Sage Pastel E-Billing will allow your customers to view their detailed statements, with drill-down into source transactions over the internet. You will however need to supply your customer with a password. The benefits from this module are as follows: