FAQS: Sage Pastel Inbound Fax to Email

Why is it free? What’s the catch?
086 numbers cost less to host which help cover fax & support costs. The receiver doesn’t pay. Only the sender of the fax will pay a fee.
How much will it cost the sender?
It will cost R1.59 ex VAT per minute. Faxing times are halved & in sending multiple pages the sender either pays less or the same as a normal fax.
Is there a limit to the fax numbers allocated to our company?
No. Everyone with an e-mail address (or alias) can have their own 0865/6 number.
What if we already have Rightfax, Winfax in place?
Unlike Sage Pastel Fax to Email, Rightfax & Winfax need phone lines, an onsite server & license fees per person for faxing.
What impact will added traffic have on our mail server?
Very little. Faxes are compressed & will equal about 30KB. PDF’s are smaller.
Will receiving faxes cost me anything?
No, you may receive as many faxes as you wish, and there will be no charge to you for receiving faxes.
Can I receive faxes on any computer?
Yes, if you can access your email, you will be able to view your faxes. This can be done anywhere in the world.
Can I forward a received fax to one or more people?
You can forward the fax attachment to multiple recipients by sending it as you would normally with any other email.
Do I keep my fax number for life?
Yes, provided you receive at least one fax every 60 days. You will receive a warning email prior to the number being reclaimed.