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The Subject Curriculum Statement for FET in accounting has introduced the use of electronic Accounting software packages.

Quote from the Statement: “Design, complete and record source documents in the books of first entry, draw up a trial balance, reconciliation, final accounts and prepare financial statements electronically / manually for a company as part of the practical component”.

The curriculum statement also clearly states that the FET must be a continuation of the GET band. Both SO 4 and 5 refer to the use of electronic accounting software packages.

Within the context of the syllabus it is therefore a requirement that learners are exposed to a computerised program, wherever possible. Accounting is very much a life skills subject where schools should not only be teaching learners to pass the grade 12 exam, but also to give them basic skills to provide them the opportunity to take their place in the economy. Within the business world it is virtually essential that employees have the necessary computer skills. The present system utilised in the classroom, namely manual accounting, must be enhanced so as to ensure that learners are provided the relevant skills.

Recognition and Certification

Schools will receive Sage Pastel certification emphasising credibility as a certified provider of Sage Pastel school training.

Computer Lab

Schools receive Sage Pastel Educational Software, which can be installed on any number of student PC’s.

Implementation of Sage Pastel in the Classroom

Sage Pastel has partnered with educators to find the best way to implement Sage Pastel in the classroom. Learners are therefore taught the computerised accounting solution in line with the accounting curriculum statement for grades 8 to 12.

There are additional tasks and assignments set to challenge learners and ensure that learners are able to use accounting software in a real life scenario.


Sage Pastel offers a comprehensive learner assessment. Students are awarded a Sage Pastel Certified School Programme Student Competency Certificate on passing the assessment.

  For more information and application forms contact the Sage Pastel Training department  

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