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BEE123 by Pastel - South Africa's leading one-stop BEE portal

Sage Pastel BEE123 is a web-portal offering a complete range of useful tools, software, news, information and BEE network partners to assist you in understanding and implementing your BEE requirements.

BEE has become an important component of doing business in South Africa, so don’t get left behind. It is far simpler than you think and is about growing and developing the South African economy. Being BEE compliant makes good business sense. It means that your clients will earn BEE points by using you as a supplier and you will be able to access and generate new business through your BEE status.

The Sage Pastel BEE123 portal offers the following tools and services:

Sage Pastel BEE123 News & Information

Sage Pastel BEE123’s News section ensures that you are always up-to-date with the latest news and developments in the BEE space.

BEE needn’t be complicated and confusing. Sage Pastel BEE123’s information sections explain, in simple language, exactly how BEE works, what the terminology means and how BEE relates to your business. All of this and more is covered in the following sections of the portal:

  • BEE FAQs – contains all the answers to those frequently asked questions about BEE.
  • BEE in a Nutshell – provides a simple but comprehensive global view about how BEE actually works.
  • BEE Glossary – explains BEE jargon and terminology in plain English.
  • BEE Legislation – provides links to download all BEE legislation and documents.

Sage Pastel BEE123 Scorecard Software

Managing your BEE Scorecard and verification process is simple with our Sage Pastel BEE123 Scorecard Software. Simply enter a few numbers, and the software does the rest for you. There is no need to understand the BEE Codes and complex formulae. Features include:

  • Scorecard Calculator
  • Embedded Help Functionality
  • Preferential Procurement Database
  • Scenario Planning Tool
  • BEE Management Templates


Make sure you take the right steps as you start your BEE journey. Sage Pastel BEE123’s training solutions will assist you in feeling confident about understanding BEE and how it affects your business.

Get BEE Certified

Turnover less than R5M?
Businesses with a turnover of less than R5M p.a. are classified as Exempted Micro Enterprises(EME), and are automatically BEE compliant. Get your EME BEE certificate through Sage Pastel BEE123 within 72 hours!

Turnover more than R5M?
Businesses with a turnover of more than R5M p.a. must go through the full BEE rating process. Sage Pastel BEE123 will assist you in getting your BEE certificate through our Verification Partner Network of accredited verification agencies.

The Sage Pastel BEE123 Suppliers Directory

The Sage Pastel BEE123 Suppliers Directory is South Africa’s foremost directory of BEE certified businesses with 1000's of businesses already listed. Find a BEE certified supplier in your area or list your own BEE certified business so that others can find you.

The Sage Pastel BEE123 ED Directory

Need assistance with Enterprise Development (ED)? Find Enterprise Development Service Providers and Enterprise Development Support Organizations quickly and easily on The Sage Pastel BEE123 ED Directory.

The Sage Pastel BEE123 SED Directory

Not all charitable contributions will earn Socio Economic Development (SED) points on your BEE Scorecard. Find pre-vetted and qualifying Socio Economic Development support organizations on The Sage Pastel BEE123 SED Directory.

For more information about Sage Pastel BEE123, please e-mail [email protected].