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Sage Pastel Version 14: Offering you 6 ways to instantly improve the way you do business



Sage Pastel Mobility App

Access customer information, create and send quotes and generate sales orders on-the-go.

As a small business owner you probably use a smartphone for business communications, calendar management and a lot more.

Now with Sage Pastel mobile you can empower your workforce while on the road using the new Sage Pastel Mobility App to view customer information, sales history, create quotes and sales orders while sitting in front of the client. Prepare a quote in front of your customer, locate your customers and their outstanding balances on a map, or even just perform a simple customer lookup on the fly. Convenience, convenience, convenience.

*Because they run on your Android or Apple smartphone or tablet, you can log in and access your account  from virtually anywhere, anytime. And because your account information is stored in the cloud, your information will always be up-to-date, on all your devices.

*Currently only available on Android smartphone devices. Coming soon to Apple smartphone/tablets and Android tablets.

Sage Pastel Intelligence Reporting

Gain valuable insight into the numbers so you can make better business decisions.

We can appreciate that not all businesses report on data in the same way. We also know that creating the perfect report can take hours, if not days to complete.

We’d like to automate your reporting process so that you can focus on actually analysing the information to make informed decisions with confidence. With our Sage Pastel Intelligence Reporting module, you can use one of our 12 Management Report templates or design your own report templates in Microsoft® Excel® and update them straight from your Sage Pastel software.

You get the latest information when you want it, presented in a way that makes sense for your business. And, best of all, you get it in Excel® which means you can edit it, analyse it and send it far and wide in a program you already know how to use.

With Intelligence Reporting, you now get to see more clearly how your company is performing because you’re provided with the exact information you need in order for your business to be its most effective.

Sage Pastel Automatic Bank Feeds

Automatically process your bank transactions and make bank recons a breeze.

With our Bank Manager module, you can now set up automatic bank feeds which automatically import your bank statements into your Sage Pastel software. That’s so much better than having to manually import and capture them yourself!

Each day when you login to your company, any new transactions available in your bank statement are just a click away. You’ll save even more time by using the features in bank manager to automatically assign the transactions to the correct accounts in the accounting system.

Split your transaction lines when processing to your bank or credit card to allocate a single transaction to more than one account. You may want to split a rates and taxes payment between rates and water accounts. Now how’s that for saving you time?

*Available in certain countries only & with certain banks only.

Online sales and marketing

Create your own website, open an online store and allow customers to access billing info online.

Fact! Majority of prospective customers are using internet find products and services! And, you’re missing the boat if you don’t have an professional online presence.

You may not know the first thing about starting your online journey and that’s where we come in. Let us help you easily create and manage your own website and online store.

•           Build your own website
•           Sell your products and services online
•           Send customers e-statements
•           Manage e-marketing campaigns to your customers

And, the best part about taking this journey with us is that all data integrates seamlessly into your Sage Pastel accounting software. That means that orders and quote requests placed online will feed information through to your Sage Pastel software and, in turn as you change information like product prices and stock levels in your software, it will automatically update your online store.

Here’s to your customers, both current and future, finding you online!

Sage Pastel Supplier Payments

Make payments straight from your Sage Pastel software with your Sage Pay account.

In today’s world, finding time to pay the bills can be a challenge! Not only is it boring, stressful and time consuming, but watching those Rands fly out of your bank account is never fun. Factor in the late fees that can easily accumulate and the interest rates that can drive your payments through the roof, and you’ve got a recipe for a real credit problem in the making.

Using Sage Pastel’s latest Supplier Payments feature is an attractive method of dealing with these hassles. It’s easy, effortless and most importantly cheaper than paying via your traditional internet banking channels.

Sage Pastel Automatic Updates

Our latest version of our software is just a click away provided you have an internet connection.

Our Automatic Updates feature means that if there’s ever an update or upgrade to the software, you’ll automatically receive these updates via the web. No more DVD’s and installation hassles – once you’ve installed your software you’ll never need to re-install a software disk again!

How does it work? Automatic Updates regularly checks for new updates and can be set to download them automatically. For larger multi-user sites the Automatic Updates technology can be configured to follow rules, putting the IT administrator in complete control - giving them the power to decide when to download, where to download to and when to install.

With the Automatic Update mechanism in place we’re now in a position to deliver feature rich functionality direct to your accounting program, and this can be done quickly, without you having to follow complex steps.

100% Online Back-Up

Make an offsite backup of all your critical data, in a 100% secure way.

Without data, businesses would cease to exist. Data ensures that bills are paid, money is collected, contracts are valid, and all information to enable decision-making is available - so imagine what would happen to your business if all the data your business has, suddenly disappears.

With the inconvenience that losing data will have on your business, you really can’t afford to be without this product!

With Version 14, you get 90 days free access to this product!

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The Sage Group plc is a leading global supplier of business management software and related products and services, principally for small to medium-sized enterprises. Formed in 1981, Sage was floated on the London Stock Exchange in 1989. Sage has more than 6 million customers and more than 13,500 employees worldwide. We operate in over 24 countries covering the UK, Europe, North America, South Africa, Australia, India and China. For further information please visit www.sage.com.