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Pastel Iron Tree, online back up service

Sage Pastel IronTree provides for a secure online backup, simple registration process, simple installation, affordable pricing and secure hosting.

Without data, businesses would cease to exist. Data ensures that bills are paid, money is collected, contracts are valid, and all information to enable decision-making is available – so imagine what would happen to your business if all the data your business has, suddenly disappears.

With Sage Pastel IronTree, you can make an offsite backup of all your critical data, in a 100% secure way.

With the inconvenience that losing data will have on your business, you really can’t afford to be without this product.

Penny van der Merwe

SEESA Commercial (PTY) Ltd

I would just like to thank you for  assisting me in retrieving my backed up client files after my laptop was stolen and for the continued support and superb service from yourself. I feel that the Sage Pastel IronTree subscription is worth every Rand I pay and more! It is very encouraging to know that should an unfortunate incident that results in loss of data ever occur that you are just a phone call away to get all that info back again!

We have 55 brokers in our company and I have been relating my story of the stolen laptop and how quickly I was able to get up and running again by using Sage Pastel IronTree.

Adolf Venter

Gallagher Convention Centre

We hereby confirm that Gallagher Convention Centre utilises Sage Pastel Irontree Software as a backup tool for our Sage Pastel Evolution and Rendezvous data. While still on a trial version of Sage Pastel Irontree our server crashed. Using Sage Pastel Irontree, we had the excellent assistance of our Sage Pastel Irontree Business Partner and were able to retrieve all our data within an hour, without any hassles or data loss.

Theo Xaba

Singlehurst Hydraulics South Africa (Pty) Ltd

Utilising Sage Pastel Irontree to do our daily backups has given us a sense of security knowing that our data is safe should we be victims of a break in or hardware failure. We know that our backups are done as we receive a daily email stating what has been backed up and the size thereof.