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Register your Pastel accounting software online

This process will only take you a few minutes. Once you have selected and submitted the completed registration of your choice, your registration code will be e-mailed to you.

Each registration selection requires different information, however you will need only your serial number to begin the process. The serial number for your product can be found on the back of your DVD box or on the bottom of your Sage Pastel product box.


Frequently Asked Questions

Please note that the FAQs below relate to the registration of Sage Pastel Partner and Xpress products only.
How do I register my package?
Why is my registration code not working?
How do I register other users or my server?
Am I allowed to install my Sage Pastel products on more than one PC?
What is a registration code used for?
What is the difference between my access code and customer number (customer identification and pin number)

Contact Sage Pastel

Sage Pastel Registrations

+27 11 304 3300
[email protected]

Sage Pastel Installations

+27 11 304 3830
[email protected]

Sage Pastel Switchboard

+27 11 304 3000