Sage Pastel Accounting Print Ads

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Stay on the right side of the taxman with our latest version (PDF - 120KB)
Welcome to the world of online accounting and payroll (PDF - 411KB)
NSBC uses Pastel My Business Online (PDF - 830KB)
ADreach uses Pastel Partner (PDF - 45KB) uses Pastel Evolution (PDF - 557KB)
Give your business the best chance of survival with Pastel (PDF - 45KB)
20 years of market leadership (PDF - 2MB)
When it comes to your books, shouldn't you pick the bestseller (PDF - 160KB)
20 years we've been on the money (PDF - 163KB)
War on Error (PDF - 109KB)
Out-of-Office Reply (PDF - 109KB)
More Credits (PDF - 160KB)
Loved by Number Crunchers (PDF - 230KB)

Sage Evolution Print Ads

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Sage Pastel Evolution Mobile – taking your sales force to your customers (PDF - 2.8MB)
Smart software for big businesses (PDF - 307KB)
Get back to basics with business management software (PDF - 78KB)
Money-back Guarantee (PDF - 704KB)
Survival of the fittest (PDF - 215KB)
Survival of the fastest PDF - 214KB)
Flow Diagram (PDF - 252KB)
For Larger Businesses (PDF - 126KB)
Heavyweight Division (PDF - 1.23MB)